Introduction To Erosion Control

Erosion control is necessary whenever dirt has been disturbed so that vegetation is no longer growing on it. Without this natural erosion control dirt can be moved by wind, rain, and/or normal operations on a construction site. When this occurs on a construction site dirt can go down storm drains, into nearby water ways, and wetlands.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 provides the guidelines for making sure that the nation's water supply is pollutant free today and will be in the future. Part of the pollutant problem is caused by water runoff from "wet weather point sources". These "sources" include urban storm sewer systems and construction sites.

ESI supplies the products necessary for making sure that a construction site doesn't become a polluting "wet weather point source." Please take a moment to go through our Erosion Basics section. Here you'll see what places on a construction site are problematic polluters, how they pollute, and how to prevent them from polluting.

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